Founded in the mastery of indelible brand experiences and events, our goal is to execute effortlessly, evoking all of the senses.

From branded dinners to thoughtfully crafted group travel experiences to immersive corporate offsites and beyond.

We plan, produce, and manage every detail of the magic!

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Special Events

With over 115 events executed in more than 25 global locations, Rebel Fleur is a seasoned team of events planners, managers, executors, designers, and on-site miracle makers. We would LOVE to bring your next event to life and in the memories of all your guests for years to come!

Design & Production

Customization, Creativity and flawless execution is what sets Rebel Fleur apart from other event agencies. We don’t just plan an event, we create crafted moments, design exceptional props and install with discernment for the exceptional.

Brand Experience

From an Instagram-worthy picnic for 12 in Central Park to a gallery dinner for 100 with custom branded place-settings turned party favor to a 30-year retrospective complete with transformative tastings, Rebel Fleur is your partner in conveying your brand’s story through experiences.

Programming and Client Experience

From developers with acres of space to start-up clubhouses and boutique hotels, our clients come to us for the coolest concepts to give to their customers, their clients and their guests. Whether it’s wellness, retail, hospitality, or entertainment, we are full of ideas and resources to help build out your programming strategy.

Off-Sites & Corporate Summits

Getting your team, offices or all of your offices together is our most seasoned category. Rebel Fleur will completely design, manage and produce your corporate event’s every detail. Hotel stays, dining, transportation, speakers, panels, content, excursions, team-building, cocktail hours, custom menus, custom event apps, custom everything. Let us help your employees feel the love and appreciation, creating company loyalty.

Launch, IPO + M&A Celebrations

When outrageous is the goal, the women of Rebel Fleur are your gals! Insanity –yup we can do that. Never been done before – yes, we’ll make it happen. Out of the box – that’s our norm! If your company is celebrating the success of all the obstacles and “impossibles” your brand overcame to finally arrive, then PLEASE let us design an absolutely unforgettable celebration for you and see all the details through so that everyone on your team can enjoy!

Incentive Travel Experiences

Whether you want a highly-curated luxury trip for your brand Influencers, a thoughtfully crafted excursion for your top clients or a highly motivating travel experience for your employees, Rebel Fleur is experienced with elevated luxury travel for groups big and small. Every trip is uniquely designed with our clients’ needs in mind.

Retail & Hospitality Activation

For more than a decade, we’ve created beautifully designed short-term retail executions for brands and developers alike. Many concepts were built to drive traffic, while others to generate awareness and reach a target audience, and then there were the few that were strategically planned in the name of data collection. Whatever your need, we are pop-up experts and enthused to bring your next retail activation to life.


Recognizing that the events business creates unnecessary waste, Rebel Fleur actively incorporates sustainability practices where possible into every execution we craft. We offer off-set credit incorporation through Terrapass and promote the reuse of our furnishings when possible. We identify aspects of sustainability potential in each experience and provide a report to our clients so that they can include this in their own sustainability reporting. Our owner, Nina McCandless, is certified in Circularity and Sustainability strategies and is the founder of Infinery, a non-profit aimed at reducing waste in children’s clothes while uplifting Moms living in domestic violence shelters. You can learn more here.

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We are a certified women-owned agency committed to working with a diverse list of verified and trusted vendors. We also support and partner with businesses owners and vendors who are women and/minority-owned and provide a report for our clients of their support to these businesses with each execution.


Recognizing that the future of brand experiences will go beyond reality and also take place in the Metaverse, Rebel Fleur is positioned to support brands to meaningfully execute in both spaces seamlessly. Rebel Fleur works with proven developers and designers working in the space and holds location availability to build-out retail and virtual partnership experiences in various worlds. There is still time to plan how your brand will participate in the Metaverse and Rebel Fleur is ready to support clients through this new and limitless dimension of a consumer digital experience.

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